Easily Refresh Your Mind While Surrounded With Chaos

Do you work in an environment that’s noisy, crowded and chaotic? Unfortunately, sometimes you have little, if any, control over the conditions of your workplace. But the good news is that you can refresh your mind and thrive in any work environment.

Try these tips for a fresh perspective amidst that craziness around you at work:

  1. Sound canceling headphones. If your office permits, use sound canceling headphones to completely banish the unnecessary noise around you. You’ll be able to increase your productivity tenfold. You’ll experience less interruptions and more inner peace that way.
  • Be sure to tell your boss that your headphones are meant to block sound and engage your work focus. Keep your boss informed of your decision to avoid being reprimanded for listening to music.

2. Walk away. While it may seem counterproductive to walk away from your work, it often provides the quickest dose of revitalization for your brain. Walk away from your desk and grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever beverage you’re craving. Sip it while away from your desk, and return after you’ve had a few moments to regain perspective.

  • If possible, enjoy your break in the great outdoors. Or sit next to a window and look outside. The fresh air and change of view will do wonders for snapping you out of your mental rut.

3. Invigorate your senses. Pack your favorite scented candle and bring it into your office. When you encounter a creative block, begin to feel tense or annoyed by all of the unruly noise around you, light the candle, if permitted. Typically, it only takes a few minutes before you’re back to your regular self.

  • If your workspace is private, take thirty seconds to close your eyes and breathe in the scent deeply. You’ll likely experience a rush of serenity or energy, depending on the scent you choose.

If your workplace is far too chaotic to overcome an honest attempt to refresh your mind and focus on your work, it may be best to approach your employer. You may be surprised to find a sympathetic ear from someone who also finds your workplace chaotic and stressful.

When you put these tips into practice, you’ll experience an immediate boost in happiness and productivity. Small changes make a big difference in your perspective. You can refresh your mind when surrounded with chaos by applying these strategies today.

This article originally appeared here: https://www.socialana.com/easily-refresh-mind-surrounded-chaos/

Former Digital Social Media Strategist & former Silicon Valley; Living in Ventura, California. Still into Gentle/Yin Yoga and daily walks with Priska, my cat.

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