Increase Your Affiliate Commission Checks

How can you take your existing commission checks and increase them by 20%, 50%, 100% — or more? If you’re making money as an affiliate, that means you’re already in the top percentile of affiliate marketers. But what if you want to take it to the next level?

Here are a few tips for increasing your commission checks without too much work.

==> Ask for a Bump

This one’s very simple. Want to make more money? All you need to do is ask. More specifically, ask your affiliate manager for a commission bump.

Let’s say you’re getting paid $4 a lead. The affiliate network gets paid $6.50 per lead by the advertiser. Would they rather give you $4.50 and keep your business, or refuse your bump and risk losing your traffic?

More often than not, if you’re delivering a fair bit of converting traffic, they’ll be happy to give you a bit of a commission increase.

This same principle also applies to information products, even on ClickBank. Many publishers are more than happy to give a little extra cut by PayPal if you’re driving a lot of traffic.

==> Go Direct

If you’re driving enough traffic (i.e. $5,000+ a month) then you should seriously consider going direct.

Going direct means you cut out the middle man and send the leads directly to the advertiser instead of through an affiliate network.

This alone could boost your revenues by 50%!

Use affiliate networks to help build up your traffic and test different offers. Once you find an offer that you can consistently make a lot of money from, explore the possibility of going direct.

==> Test Different Offers across Different Networks

If you’re getting paid $4 a lead and another network is promoting the same offer for $4 a lead, it’s a very good idea to split test the two offers.


Because the two networks might have different landing pages, different tracking and possibly different amounts of dropped sales. Even if nothing else is apparently different, you’ll often find differences in sales rates on two different affiliate networks.

Testing different offers just plain makes sense. Find the highest ROI for your traffic and advertising dollars.

==> Expand Traffic to All Similar Sources

If you’re advertising on Google AdWords, then expand to MSN and Yahoo. If you’re advertising on Trafficvance (PPV), then expand to Media Traffic and Zango. If you’re advertising on Facebook, experiment with Myspace and PlentyofFish.

Whatever traffic source(s) you’re using, identify all the similar sources and see if you can duplicate your results.

Yes, the traffic amount is much lower. MSN and Yahoo combined might only be a third of your Google traffic. But you don’t need to go through all the trouble of finding a working campaign — you already know what works. It’s just more money.

These are a few ways you can take your existing campaigns and techniques and expand them to make 20% to 100% more money every month.

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