The internet is not just about providing information for those who use it. It is also about looking the part. With so much information out there, your blog design may be the one thing that makes you stand out from the others.

What is a blog? It originally started out as an online journal of sorts, but occupies a much more important place on the internet today. Blogs offer a way for people to interact with individuals and businesses that they patronize or want to follow because of content.

Bloggers also enjoy a career of their own as they gain a following for their opinions. Many make money by offering that popular opinion in product reviews, blog interviews and other marketing tools. They also monetize their blogs with ads.

Blogs are used to create income streams from affiliate programs. They are easy to set up and can be used to draw traffic in a very short time.

All of these ideas are a great use of a blog. But, how do you attract people to it? There are a lot of marketing strategies to employ, but the bottom line is that if your website isn’t “user friendly” or attractive enough to catch the eye of visitors, they will come once but not return.

Design is important to keep viewers coming back. A fresh and bold look that tells visitors what they want to know up front will encourage them to delve deeper into your blog. Give your potential followers the tools they need to continue to “see” you.

Ways to Enhance your Blog Design

One thing that makes blogs attractive is the fact that they are easy to set up. Sites like Blogger and WordPress offer free templates that make it a no-brainer to get up and running. You can choose from a variety of theme designs that suit your needs.

* Customize your header — You can personalize your header so it doesn’t look like someone else’s header who uses the same WordPress template. If you know a webmaster, they can help you out with professional graphics.

* Use photos — People like to see what they are buying. Use photos that you took yourself or ones that you bought from photo sites to populate your blog. Don’t forget to tag these photos for SEO purposes.

* Create an RSS feed — This way, people can follow you more easily and keep up with all of your postings.

* Use audio content — Reading is great, but people love to listen as well. Creating a podcast for your blog gives visitors something to tune into each day or week.

* Use a site map — Make it easy for visitors to get around your blog site. Ease of use is an invaluable part of your design.

The design of your blog is just as important as what you have to say on it.

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