Must-Have Mobile Technology for Business Owners on the Go

Having the right technology on the go will save you time, reduce frustration, make a better professional impression and help avoid potential disasters. These are some of the must-have tools for every business on the go.

==> Portable Laptop

Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may opt to bring a full-sized laptop, or a much smaller and lighter laptop.

Carrying around a giant laptop is not only exhausting and a hassle, but you also risk significant financial and data loss if you carry your main laptop around with you on extended travels.

Instead, if a small mini-laptop (which costs just $200 to $300) will work, it’s often a better choice.

==> Smartphones

Tools like GPS, email on the go and checking bank accounts from your phone are almost mandatory for business people today.

On the go, bring a smartphone with you. The GPS feature especially is useful in unfamiliar surroundings.

==> Unlocked GSM Phone

This may or may not be the same phone as above. Most phones sold in the United States are locked to a carrier. Some phones can be unlocked by calling your carrier, others can be unlocked at specialty stores and other phones can’t be unlocked at all.

Most countries use GSM networks. That means you can plug a GSM SIM card into any unlocked phone and use the phone in that country.

If you’re traveling outside the US, always have an unlocked phone with you.

==> Presentation Tools

Bring an extra projector bulb for the projector you’ll be using. There’s nothing worse than not being able to make a crucial presentation because you’re missing a $20 component.

Bring a laser pointer to be able to clearly point to slides on a presentation. Bring a clicker to be able to move through slides without being in front of your computer.

If necessary, bring your own mini-projector as well. Many successful business people carry their own projectors in the trunk of their cars just in case they have an impromptu sales opportunity.

Hint: The iPhone has a clicker app that allows you to use it as a clicker.

==> USB Internet

While on the road, you won’t be guaranteed internet. Some hotels provide free internet for guests, some charge an arm and a leg while others don’t even provide it.

Furthermore, many cafes, lounges and meeting spots may not have internet.

If you use internet regularly for work, consider getting a USB internet stick (also known as a USB dongle). They’re available in most developed countries.

==> Backups

When traveling, it’s always important to acknowledge the risk of your laptop being stolen or damaged.

Changes in weather and humidity are hard on the laptop’s components. Furthermore, depending on the country, there may be thieves who deliberately single out tourists as targets.

Always back up your data before you leave on a trip.

These are some of the most important tools and technologies for business owners on the road. Leave well-equipped and you’ll save yourself both time and money, as well as leave a killer impression with your business associates.

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Former Digital Social Media Strategist & former Silicon Valley; Living in Ventura, California. Still into Gentle/Yin Yoga and daily walks with Priska, my cat.

Former Digital Social Media Strategist & former Silicon Valley; Living in Ventura, California. Still into Gentle/Yin Yoga and daily walks with Priska, my cat.