The Best Times of the Year for Email Marketing

People often ask about what is the best time of year for email marketing. However, the answer is never what they expect because like most things marketing, the answer completely depends on the products and/or services you’re promoting plus your audience. It may get old hearing that answer — but the fact is, your audience and your product matters greatly.

  1. Off-Time Sales — If you have a shop that is mostly frequented in the summertime, then you want to create an email series for the off time. An example often used is the tanning shop. Sending out email marketing campaigns to tanners during the winter can help bring those tanners back during the off time so they don’t wait for spring break to start their tans.

In effect, the best time of year to send your email marketing messages to your audience is really all year long. But, as with most industries, there will be off times for opening and following through of your email marketing messages. Those are the times you should work even harder to get more sales and up your email marketing exponentially to get the results you want.

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Ana Lucia Novak

Former Digital Social Media Strategist & former Silicon Valley; Living in Ventura, California. Still into Gentle/Yin Yoga and daily walks with Priska, my cat.