Tips for Making Your First Mobile Marketing Campaign a Success

Most of the tips below are similar to any type of marketing tips. Mobile marketing requires you to be even more focused in regard to the message you want to send, as well as being clear about the tools you choose to send the message. Tools such as Voice, Text, Mobile Websites, Call to Click, Social Networking, MMS, Proximity Marketing are all important choices you need to make based on your goals, budget, and the audience you are targeting.

1. Know Your Target Audience — If you don’t know your audience, it’s hard to develop a product much less market the product or service to that audience. Develop an outline of who your audience is, create a profile of that customer down to giving the customer a name, age, job, sex, and other characteristics. When you know who your audience is, marketing, no matter the method becomes a lot simpler.

2. Set Goals — Each campaign needs a goal. In fact every single message you send out needs to have a reason for being. If you don’t know what it is, don’t do it. Your goals might be to get new customers, retain customers, increase consumer buying, expand brand awareness or increase social engagement. If you can’t name it, you can’t measure it, and if you cannot measure it, you shouldn’t do it.

3. Offer Your Target Audience What They Want — Figure out what your audience wants, give them what they want while incorporating a way for you to get what you want. Take your goals above, combine them with what the audience wants and needs, and before you know it you’ll have a winning mobile marketing plan.

4. Create a Winning CTA — Calls to action are always an imperative, but they’re even more important in mobile marketing due to the lower space allowance. You can only put one CTA per email, one CTA per message, and it better be clear and obvious and easy to do.

5. Think Minimal Design — Mobile is all about minimalism. Only include what must be included, be clear, concise, and direct. The less back ground noise you have the better your return. Slow loading pages and muddled CTAs will lower results while the opposite will increase them.

6. Make it Interactive — Mobile is all about being interactive, be as interactive as possible with your mobile marketing to get the most bang for your buck. Using text messages and QR codes can make everything a lot more interactive and fun for everyone.

7. Don’t Forget Spit Testing — No matter what type of marketing you are doing, be it traditional marketing or mobile marketing the split test is always an important way to determine what is working and will work best. Don’t skip that here.

8. Track It — Ensure that you have a way to track the metrics so that you know whether or not the tools you’ve used, the keywords you’ve chosen, and the optimization you’ve done is working in your mobile marketing campaign.

9. Perfect It — The metrics that you track will help you make your mobile marketing campaign work for you. If something isn’t going as planned you can tweak it until it works better.

Really there should be a 10th tip. Truly, the most important tip of all is for you to do it. Stop learning about mobile marketing and get on it. The rush toward mobile isn’t going to slow down. Time is ticking. Get started today.

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Former Digital Social Media Strategist & former Silicon Valley; Living in Ventura, California. Still into Gentle/Yin Yoga and daily walks with Priska, my cat.

Former Digital Social Media Strategist & former Silicon Valley; Living in Ventura, California. Still into Gentle/Yin Yoga and daily walks with Priska, my cat.